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Innovative strategies for deposit mobilization

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Innovative strategies for deposit mobilization chinese roulette trailer

The figure increased from Guaranty Trust Bank which maintained its position, continues to drive its operations and competitive strategy with solutions in technology and electronic banking.

Key among the strategies include regular promotions and introduction of new products targeted at particular market segments and web based solutions. Similarly Barclays Bank also increased its share of the market from 6. With the implementation of a three year strategy focused on deposit mobilisation, asset creation, loan recoveries, cost management and revitalization of culture, the bank seeks to become a Tier 1 bank in the strstegies three years. Poor households save in-cash, in-kind animals, gold, grain, land, raw material and the likeand use rotating savings and credit associations and other forms of financial and nonfinancial savings and loan associations mobilizatiion of limited access to appropriate deposit facilities. The proportion of time and fixed deposits was however maintained at In addition, the change in the ownership structure of HFC Bank after the take-over by Republic Bank in is expected to impact the competitive position of the bank in the coming years.

Strategies and Tactics to. Improve Deposit Growth. Margaret Kane. President and CEO. Kane Bank Services. Hopkins Road. Sacramento, CA As such, deposit mobilization is one of the basic innovations in current Indian banking activity. Hence, in this . effectiveness of various strategies of commercial. Around the world, poor households save in various forms and for various purposes. Although empirical evidence suggests that the poor would deposit if.

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