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Eu online gambling green paper

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Eu online gambling green paper hacker roulette online

Different types of organisational structures are used for the granting of licences, regulation and supervision of on-line gambling.

Yet, as the Commission itself admits: Many Member States have also recently reviewed their gambling legislation or are in the process of doing so in view of the growth of on-line gambling services. However, even if 15 Member States have carried out national or solutions for gambling prevalence studies — there is little information available about the relevant policy response to these studies e. Although remote gambling fulfils the criteria of availability and accessibility, making frequent playing easier than in case of land-based gambling venues, it is difficult to draw direct links between remote gambling and the likelihood of becoming an addicted gambler. As regards secondary European law, gambling services are not regulated by sector-specific rules at EU level but nevertheless are subject to a number of EU acts[38]. In summary, the development of internet and the increased supply of on-line gambling services have made it more difficult for the different national regulatory models to co-exist. It has been suggested that additional pay-out age verification could work as a further deterrent to minors and adolescents seeking to register.

The EU gambling market is estimated at around EUR billion and grows at a yearly rate Commission green paper on online gambling in the Single Market. Online gambling (Green Paper). In , gambling revenues reached EUR billion. Online gambling is the fastest-growing gaming sector. GREEN PAPER on on-line gambling in the Internal Market 3. 1. Regulating on-line gambling in the EU: Recent developments and current challenges from the.

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