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Christian kaisen roulette

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Christian kaisen roulette gambling king

There of course, the breeze of a chance does not exist. Argentina, Uruguay, Curacao, St. Then in Kaisan decided to rouletet his theories into practice at the table.

He's gambling policies us pretty well known in other parts of the world as a man who successfully cracked the christian kaisen roulette code in the eighties using physical roulette strategies including the Kesselgucken Method, which is essentially a manual prediction method based on the track of the ball on the wheel. The German word Kesselgucken means roughly 'to observe the wheel'. Unfortunately this design, which is settled christjan in the proximity of arbitrariness, is sentenced German supreme court right. There of course, the breeze of a chance does not exist. Sheridan44 Mature Member Posts:

Christian Kaisan Roulette SelMcKenzie Selzer-McKenzie. Interview roulette pro Christian Kaisan. October 10, , AM. If we believe the interview, this guy made millions by playing roulette. He places his bets. Christian Kaisan, divorced, 3 children, 60 years old, is one the most reknown Rouletteplayer in the world. With his method, to observe the.

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