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C coding for roulette

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C coding for roulette gambling ad

Originally Posted by DanC. Sample Output 2 runs: I've also seen video screens in casinos which display the last dozen or so results.

Answered in 45 minutes by:. In a number of places in your code, you have something like a menu. By Yoshi in forum Game Programming. I am unable to. If you decide to change the initial account wealth, this also helps ensure your ending summary remains correct. This is the site I will always dor to when I need a second opinion. I need to learn Pascal.

Hi I'm a beginner trying to write a roulette program with 3 modes of playing: straight-bets, odd/even, and red/black. I've been having problems. hey guys, i've been working on this program for like a week now, and decided to show you guys that is. i have written a program to play a game of roulette with out red or black here is the code Code: #include #include #i.

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