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Conneticut gambling

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Conneticut gambling garner 23 roulette wheel

Conducting any banking game played with cards, dice or counters, or accepting any fixed share of the stakes therein; 4 " Gambling device " means any device or mechanism by the operation of which a right to money, credits, deposits or other things of value may be created, as the result of the amazing roulette strategy of an element of chance; any device or mechanism which, when operated for a consideration, does not return the same value or thing of value for the same consideration upon each operation thereof; any device, mechanism, furniture or fixture designed primarily for use in connection with professional gambling; and any subassembly or essential part designed or intended for use in connection with any such device, mechanism, furniture, fixture, construction or installation, provided conneticut gambling immediate and unrecorded right of replay mechanically conferred on players of pinball machines and similar amusement devices shall be presumed to be without value.

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